Childcare Subsidies & WINZ

Are you entitled to government subsidies?

Make sure you check your eligibility when you enrol. If you need extra hours on top of 20 Hours ECE, the childcare subsidy may still be available for your child.

If you have children aged 0-3 years, you may be eligible for a 9 hour income tested subsidy from WINZ.

In addition, if all the adults in your household are employed or studying and they earn less than the thresholds, you could be entitled to additional subsidised hours from WINZ.

You can read more about it on the Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Education and WINZ websites below.  Or feel welcome to contact us, we are more than happy to help guide you through this process.

Learn more about Childcare Subsidies on the Work and Income New Zealand website

Learn more about Early Childhood Education and 20 Hours ECE on the Ministry of Education website

Learn more about the Childcare Subsidy Income Thresholds and what you could be entitled to

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